Friday, 17 October 2008

Recycled Top

I've had this lovely monkey circles fabric for while, just waiting for me to come up with something to do with it. I tell you my drawers are stuffed with little fat quarters of interesting fabric!

Today I spotted a stripy-sleeved top for 50p in a charity shop, what Americans call a thrift store, (which sounds nicer actually... maybe I'll use that term from now on?!) and knew I had a winner! With a square cut out of an old t-shirt of the Comedian's in-between I have a perfect top for Povey!

By the way, the same thrift store spree (you know... that does sound better!) produced a sweet red top for me and this lovely flowery thing for Papaya, which is actually meant to be a dress for an 18 month old but paired with jeans on a four year old makes a perfect gypsy, flouncy top.


Bobbie said...

These are all so gorgeous! You are such a talented lady....xx

Unknown said...

Holy wow! Is there anything you can't do? Love that top. Finn actually has a taggie blanket I got off Etsy with that same material and a picture frame made with that same material. This blog is are a Martha Stewart woman!

Nic said...

I love that top. Its ace!! What a great use of bits of material.

I'm with you on the diddy dresses for gypsy tops. I got a load from a sale in Asda at the end of summer for Looby. My Auntie thought I was mad buying 1yr old dresses until we got home and I proved my point ;)


christine said...

Great idea with the dress on J! I love it. I am going to save all of Charlotte's.

Love the new blog!

Sam said...

I am loving your new blog, you creative fashionista you! That monkey fabric is fab, bet Povey loves it! Are we gonna get a monkey make-take on your Halloween creations? Aside from pumpkins and spiders made from egg boxes & pipe cleaners we need some fresh ideas for the kiddliwinks to help with. Mmm, just thinking about pumpkin soup now :)

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