Wednesday, 23 March 2011

New Toy

I have a new toy! What do you think?

Not impressed? You'll have to admit it's a gorgeously retro cabinet, but the exciting thing is how it converts....

It's a sewing cabinet! Finally I have a proper place to sew rather than lugging my machine through to the kitchen table. Now any of you that know anything about machines will have spotted that the machine didn't originally go with the cabinet. The cabinet is a 1960s model whereas the machine is from the 1940s.

It's a Singer 201K, and as these instruction books I found in one of the drawers show, this cabinet originally came with a Singer 317.

I'm not complaining though, as the Singer 201K is a lovely machine, and this particular model has just had a service so runs like a dream. It has also come with an intriguing array of attachments I'm yet to figure out.

I've inherited this beauty from my Grandad who has decided his sewing days are behind him. I can't wait to fully try it out!


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