Tuesday, 24 February 2009

Honey mustard sausages

As requested by Tat ;)

This recipe is super easy and super yummy! It doesn't make for the prettiest photographs I'm afraid but here goes.....

Honey Mustard Sausages

1 pack sausages (any type but this time I used some delicious 75% meat ones)
2 tablespoons mustard (the mustard above is the best imo)
2 tablespoons honey


1. Pre-heat oven to 190 degrees Celsius (gas mark 3).

2. Place sausages into a casserole dish, and place in oven.

3. Bake until cooked but not too brown... around half an hour.

4. Meanwhile mix the mustard and honey together in a bowl.

5. Remove sausages from oven and brush with the mustard honey mixture.

6. Return the sausages to the oven and continue cooking until brown and sticky. Baste occasionally with the remaining honey mustard mixture.

7. Serve however you like. Today we had them with cheese filled pancakes as it's pancake day!

That's it... easy peasy! You can adjust the amounts as you like and can even sprinkle the sausages with sesame seeds. It works well with cocktail sausages too for a party!

Friday, 13 February 2009

My heart in your hand

Here is my Valentine's day present for the Comedian.

We usually give each other underwear but I changed that by asking for the perfume below this year. Left to my own devices I decided to get my man something that may not seem romantic to anyone else but I know he'll be really touched by.
He suffers from psoriasis on his hands and has tried most creams and often spends the evenings with cotton gloves on while the cream soaks in. I decided to buy some extra nice cream and make him some soft red gloves plus a bag to hold it all, oh and a little heart brooch....

and a card to match.....

I really hope he likes them :D

Tuesday, 3 February 2009

Dolly Perfume

This isn't about my own craft I'm afraid. I have a few things in the pipeline but life (and snow!!) keeps interrupting me. I just wanted to blog about this and it seemed more a crafty blog type thing than a family blog type thing... if you know what I mean.

When I was around the age my daughter is now, about four years old, I went into a Pharmacy with my mother and spotted some children's perfumes in the shape of little dollies. They came in various fruity fragrances and were in colours appropriate to each fragrance. My lovely mum agreed to buy me one but I was stuck in a dilemma. I loved the smell of oranges, but my favourite colour was pink (like my daughter's is now!).... should I go with the lovely orange smelling, but orange coloured dolly, or should I go with the pretty pink, but not so nice strawberry smelling dolly?

In the end I let my nose win and chose the orange dolly.... and I still have her!

She still smells ever so slightly of the perfume too! I let my daughter play with her now.
I was faced with a similar dilemma recently when I discovered that Gwen Stefani had brought out a range of dolly perfumes herself!

Now I have funny pheromones, it seems like whatever perfume I try it smells awful on me, so I'm always on the lookout for a perfume that would work. Generally anything fruity or with Jasmine seems to work, it's anything too musky that goes wrong. I read the descriptions of these 5 and two of them, "Music" and "G", sounded like they might actually work for me. I spotted them in Debenhams and tried them out. My favourite of the scents was "Music" but I really liked the blonde Gwen Stefani style bottle for "G", which to choose?

Again I let my nose win and am now the proud owner of this....

So far so good the fragrance really works for me, now I just need to stop my daughter stealing it!

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