Wednesday, 21 April 2010

T-shirt cushion

Easy peasy quick sewing job this one.

I had an old t-shirt of Povey's that I just couldn't bear to part with or pass on....

I turned it inside out and sewed a straight line along the bottom, another along the top (just below the neckline) and along one side across the armhole. I then turned the whole thing back the right side out through the remaining unsewn sleeve. No need to trim anything off as it all just helped to stuff it! I found some stuffing to fill it with through the sleeve hole, hand-sewed that final opening and voilĂ , a cushion!

It's a bit lumpy as the stuffing needs moving around a bit, but some cuddling will soon sort that. I then just snuck it into Povey's bed while he slept ;-)

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