Friday, 22 May 2009


Two months since I wrote anything here! That's shocking! I have been crafting but have been too busy to pick up a camera and photograph it, let alone write about it! I've finally got a moment now so I wanted to show you two bits of sewing with a purple theme!

The first was for a baby shower. I wanted to make the present specific to the mother rather than the child (I'll do something for the baby once he's here!) so rather than baby blue or pastel pink I went for a rich purple. The fabric is some nice thick Indian linen with a waffle texture. I used it to make a bag with some silver ribbon for the drawstring and to make a flower brooch attached to the bag. Inside the bag are pregnancy toiletries.

You can't see the brooch particularly well unfortunately as it blends into the bag. I made it using strips of the fabric, with the edges left unfinished. In the centre is a fabric covered button from the huge button collection I inherited off my Grandmother.

The second little purple collection was put together for my friend's birthday. She is a real fashionista and as my budget didn't stretch to her usual labels I decided to make her something more personal. I found this beautifully soft vest in her favourite purple colour and thought I could make a little brooch for it. In the end I went a bit brooch crazy!

Four little brooches, each handmade. I could have kept going but didn't want to overpower the delicate little vest. My friend doesn't have to wear any of them with the vest, she could take them off and put them elsewhere or maybe just choose them one at a time. I think my favourite is the two button brooch, although I'm quite fond of the simple little bow too.

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