Sunday, 31 August 2008

A place for me

To anyone who knows me it will seem crazy that I'm starting another blog when I already have one in particular that keeps me pretty busy.

I have a memory type diary where I try to keep a record of what happens in the lives of my husband (The Comedian), my daughter (Papaya) my son (Povey) and myself, but I was finding that life was getting so busy I wasn't getting a chance to represent myself.

I wanted a space where I can post my little creative doodlings and makings each week and remind myself of what I do manage and encourage myself to do more.

That is what will be here. Every week I will post a photograph of what I have made, whether it's a painting, an item of clothing or just a sketch.

This is my promise to myself; a kind of mid-year resolution that I'm determined to keep!



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