Friday, 2 January 2009

Jewellery Boxes

Another part of my family's presents, I made these Jewellery boxes for my mother and my sister-in-law. The boxes were made by decorating some papier mache blanks I found in my local Hobbycraft. The inner circle in the lids was removable so I was able to decorate it separately from the rest gluing on a fabric or paper to suit each person. I glued the pattern on both sides so the inside of the box lid was decorated too. the rest of the box I painted using two coats of emulsion and then sprayed with varnish to seal it.

The green box is for my sister-in-law. I used the same fabric I had used to make her a badge and picked out the green colour for the rest of the box.

The red box is for my mother. I chose the patterned paper to coordinate with a book I had bought her. The red was so that it would match her bedroom. I found some glittery self-adhesive border supposed to be used for scrapbooking in Hobbycraft too so used that to add a pretty detail.


maria said...

Hi there, great boxes.
Any luck with the house selling?
Maria x

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