Tuesday, 22 December 2009


Lots of "Elf-work" for me over the last couple of weeks. Santa has kept me busy most evenings sewing things up for the stockings. Papaya and Povey don't read this blog so I can show you a glimpse of what I made for them; the Comedian will have to wait ;)

First is a rag doll each. Clothkits (again) with two outfits each including one for Povey's doll that matches his dungarees :)

Povey also gets a train track play rug/blanket with squidgy cushion houses that velcro to it.

Other than that there is of course the various gift bags to complete my whole year of not using wrapping paper.

That's all I can show you without giving too much away! I'll be back in the New Year to show you the rest once the surprise is past.

Merry Xmas everyone!!!


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