Monday, 1 March 2010

iPhone Photos

Thought I should probably put this in my craft diary as it's kind of arty being about photos. I've had my iPhone a few months now and have tried a few different photo apps that I thought I'd share.

First up is some alternative cameras. The camera that comes with the phone isn't bad but it has very limited abilities and no zoom. Here are some daffodils in my kitchen on this lovely sunny March day using just the standard camera.

The camera I mainly use is one I downloaded called Gorillacam. It's by the same people who make the handy "Gorillapod" tripods that you can use anywhere. The main advantages I've found with it are the zoom (although it tends to be grainy), clearer photos and the extra features such as being able to take many photos on quick succession... Very handy with small children! For a simple comparison here I just took one photo of the same daffodils.

The other two camera apps I use are ways of getting different styles of photo rather tha improving normal photos. This first is ShakeItPhoto, a gimmicky camera that gives you the experience of taking a polaroid. It slides down in the same way and you shake if to speed up the development... Although of course that's technically inaccuarate as everyone knows shaking a real Polaroid doesn't develop any quicker when you shake it.... But anyway ;-) The quality of the photos you get are very polaroid-like too. Here are those daffodils again.

Another I like is Hipstamatic. This lovely little app looks like an old fashioned camera and produces photos like the ones from your childhood complete with over-saturation and dodgy flash! This is my favourite in terms of the look of the photos but they are a bit huge as you'll see! The daffodils don't really show it to it's best advantage but you get the idea.

Finally here is Lego Camera. I originally got this app for the kids but find myself using it just as much! Not too effective on the daffodils here so I've also put in a photo of Papaya as it's most effective on faces.

Now I've shown you my camera apps I wanted to put a bit about photo editing apps. I've only tried two so far. Here's a very quick edit on Photogene with the original photo first. It's me on a very cold snowy day last month.

Photogene has some fun little features like speech bubbles etc. as well as being able to change colours/saturation, but I'm preferring Photoshop for mobiles. Here are a few of the extra effects PS Mobile offers.

What neither of them do is the things I'd really like photo editing software for, like being able to change the background and erase spots, marks etc.

That's definitely enough photos of me for this blog! I hate photos of myself and rarely take them so it's unlikely you'll see me again ;-)

As I said I've only had the phone a few months so haven't tried everything. I'd love to know what photo apps you would recommend! Any suggestions?

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