Sunday, 11 July 2010

Thank you gifts for teachers

With limited funds it always feels a challenge to come up with gifts for the children's teachers that truly express our appreciation for the amazing job they do.

I have been doing a fair amount of experimentation making chocolates lately, so decided to make some homemade chocolates part of the gift. I came up with a very rich dark chocolate and chilli skull-shaped one....

....and a very vanillary white chocolate fish.

I added to these a little swirly round milk chocolate, and a flower-shaped raw chocolate.

I couldn't figure out what to present them in, until I saw these cute chalkboard pots on Classic Campbell ( and knew I had found the perfect thing! We even already had the pots and the spray paint! The kids helped me spray them up over the course of a few days. Papaya chose pink insides (of course!) for her teachers, and Povey chose red for his.

Then we filled them with tissue paper and the chocolates in ribbon tied bags, and the children wrote on them.

It was a bit precarious getting them into school (I was terrified of dropping and smashing them!) but the teachers seemed happy with them :-)

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Nic said...

Aww they are ace! Those chocolates look very professional. I love the pot ideas. We have decided what we are doing for Lou's TA but I can't find terracotta pots anywhere. Need to get a move on and do them!

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