Wednesday, 8 October 2008

Top for Dolly

As I said before I'm trying to slowly build up Dolly's wardrobe. She's a Lilydoll, which unfortunatly aren't being made any more so clothes are hard to find and expensive. I figured she needed a basic top to go with the new skirt..... and all the others I'll be making for her and Papaya hehe! I bought some new ribbon the other day!

No pattern here, I just took two squares of white cotton, cut out two squares from them to turn them into a T shape and form the sleeves and then sewed it up and hemmed all the edges. The T shape gave it a bit of a boat-neck.

I added some iron-on mini studs I got free with some jeans once.

I made the sleeves too long and thin but they just about fit and I'll remember that for next time, a black top next I think :)


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