Monday, 10 November 2008


We have a fairly bad record when it comes to double booking things, so for a long time I've wanted some blackboards up in the kitchen so that we can all see at a glance what's happening in the week ahead. I've been toying with various ideas like painting chopping boards to hang up or using small children's slates as we're moving soon and I wanted to be able to take it with us. Then the other day it suddenly occurred to me.... why not just paint it on the wall and then we'll have the paint so can always paint it on the wall again in the new place!

I used some blackboard paint I found in B&Q by a company called International, which has the added bonus of also being magnetic!!

The comedian being super tall gave me a hand masking the area off and then I just used a little roller to apply around 5 coats with about an hours drying time between each one. Next time I may do more coats as whilst it was good enough to write on after two coats the more coats there were made a difference to how magnetic it was. The paint did really well considering that wall is far from smooth. The days have been written on using a chunky chalk pen so can be wiped off if the new owners want to use the board another way.... or if they really don't like them they can always paint over them. I'm already finding it super useful and have plans to paint blackboards all over the place in the new house; a days one in the hallway, a shopping list one in the kitchen and one in the playroom for the kids to draw on!


Sam said...

I love this idea! I saw it in a homes magazine ages ago and they'd painted their entire (previously ugly) plain wooden kitchen door. It was a mass of graffiti from toddler height downwards, but really useful for the parents. Love your cubed effect, t'is very you!! Was the paint particularly toxic smelling? I'm really interested in getting some - I'm a huge list fan!! - but being preg, might mean I'll have to leave it to Dh to tackle whilst I'm out!

Bobbie said...

It looks absolutely great hon. A fantastic idea brilliantly executed! xx

Nic said...

What an ace idea!! I want to live in your house with all you interior design and kid friendly things. I've seen the paint in B+Q before and thought it would look a bit daft but now I'm loving it!! In fact, if it covers uneven wall well, I might just paint a whole manky wall, doodles of pirates and cowgirls have got to be better than the dodgy wallpaper we have there at the moment ;)

The Campbell Family said...

looks fantastic. You are so creative!!

Apron Thrift Girl said...

That is such a wickedly cool idea. I just love the look of it. I wish we weren't moving so that I could do that in our kitchen. It would look so neat.

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