Tuesday, 18 November 2008

House for sale!

We have lived in this house in Guildford for 7 years now and love it very much. Since we've been here we have married and had two children. Over the years we have turned it from a run-down house in need of update and repair, to a warm, colourful family home. It's not been easy; we have redecorated every part of this house! We've changed every floor and painted every room, the wiring and plumbing has all had to be updated and the garden has been given decking and a patio. We've put in a new kitchen and only this year we have put in a new bathroom.

We finally have the house just as we like it and could have seen ourselves living here for much longer.... if we didn't need to move to be closer to our daughter's school and my parents in law! It's just so typical that just as we've finished we have to go and start again... ah such is life!
We have luckily already found a house in the right area and now need to sell this place asap, but we don't really want to get estate agents involved... which is why I'm writing about it on here.

Are you (or anyone you know) looking for a 3 bedroomed house in North Guildford?
We're not using estate agents and we can put through a very quick sale. We're also open to negotiations so you never know you could grab a bargain ;) We've put together a website on the house (complete with floorplans!) which you can reach by clicking here. Please pass it on if you know anyone looking in this area, thanks :)


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